Comparing Diminishers and Multipliers

Assumption "They can't figure it out without me"
Assumption "They're smart and will figure it out"
Disciplines 1. The Empire Builder Hoards resources, under-utilises talent 2. The Tyrant Creates a tense environment that supresses thinking and creativity 3. The Know-It-All Directives show off how much they know 4. The Decision Maker Makes confusing, centralised, abrupt decisions 5. The Micro-manager Drives results individually
Disciplines 1. The Talent Magnet Attracts and maximises talent 2. The Liberator Creates an intense but comfortable environment for great thinking and creativity 3. The Challenger Defines opportunities that stretch people 4. The Debate Maker Drives a process of rigorous debate to reach decisions 5. The Investor Gives ownership, invests in their success
<50% utilisation
>100% utilisation