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Five years ago, going through a tough time I used journalling as a technique to keep my head screwed on properly, and to remain active about progressing.

I considered the important aspects of my life and asked myself in a daily journal how each part was going.

How is work Pete?

How is your health? Mental and physical?

How are your relationships?

With friends?

With family?

With partners?

With new people?

I’d give a score to each (1-5) and then ask myself why I gave that score.

This would help me figure out causes of symptoms.

What I didn’t realise, is that it helped develop my self awareness.

I had doubled my initial target of 30 days and felt great on my feet. Time to throw it away!

Months later I’d slow down and fell pretty shitty again!

I brought the daily journalling habit back.

I’d throw it away and bring it back now and again, and it became an ‘on-demand’ life stabiliser of sorts. Until one day I just realised it helped so much I ought to incorporate it into my daily life.

To make it easier to update on a daily basis, I moved it into a spreadsheet and from that day on, my life tracker was born!

Over the next 4 years I’d tweak it in different ways.

Below is version 5 made for 2022. This is how I’d describe it briefly:

Note that my context is that I’m building a healthtech startup! So my components may be completely different to yours.

A vertical calendar split into the 5 component areas that I care about on a daily basis:

  • daily habits
    • waking up at consistent times
    • doing a certain number of workouts per week
    • learning a certain amount per week
    • seeing family a certain number of times a week
  • the health of myself
    • thoughts as a place to put down my one-liner thought of the day
    • mind looking after my mental health, which could mean watching stupid videos all day, journalling, going for a walk or practising some mindfulness
    • body staying physically fit because there’s so many great things about stretching your body!
  • my learning
  • the people around me
    • the 4 Fs! I think strong relationships with friends, family, (girl)friends and future relationships of any type are important, and are slightly different, so deserve their own columns
  • and finally, new experiences
    • variety is the spice of life, and you could just do the above, hit a rhythm but that’s no fun! Add in some chaos, have everything in moderation, including moderation itself!


A tab for you to make your own analytics & graphs from the data you have


Below is an example of 2019. I’m analysing how much I did in each component, and how much I did in total. (Definitely doesn’t have to be your metric! Back then I was aiming to do loads of things, rather than ‘balance’ or quality!)


A tab on fitness tracking

I connect this to a fitness google form and logged all my workouts there. Again, do what you want here!



Hopefully this gives you an insight into how I understand myself and keep self aware. It is my ‘support network’ amongst many others.

It only takes a few minutes a day, and when it adds up, you learn super interesting things about yourself!

It has helped me keep in balance (between life component areas), watch my habits, and plan ahead!

If you give this a shot, please give me feedback and let me know how it goes. Twitter is probably the best place =)


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